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Africans Who Shaped Our Faith

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This book, "Africans Who Shaped Our Faith", will give you and your students a new appreciation for the way God has used people of color throughout history, especially in biblical days, to fulfill His promise in the world. You and your students will realize that God can use the abilities He has given each of us to gain a sense of purpose. Students will be motivated to do their best wherever they are so that their contributions to the world will be appreciated, and God will be pleased with their lives. Small groups that share and dialogue around these biblical people, both men and women, come to understand and appreciate how God uses ordinary people to make a difference in their family, church, and community.

This book was written by Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., MA, D. Min., founder and former pastor of famed Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago, IL. Dr. Colleen Birchette, Ph.D., wrote 12 historical overviews and Bible studies.

The excellent book focuses on 10 known biblical characters who have African roots, like Joseph's wife Asenath, Moses' wife Zipporah and father-in-law Jethro, the Ethiopian eunuch, and six others. Dr. Wright shows who they are, how they lived, and how they shaped the faith of people past and present. Participants will thrill at the preacher-like cadence and rhythm or laugh at the humor Dr. Wright brings to these biblical characters. He makes them come alive for the reader. All 21 studies are great, but the four on the Ethiopian eunuch have excellent content and will especially appeal to African American men.

Pastors, small group leaders and teachers, and Black History Program planners. Also, men and/or women can use it in small groups to study the Bible and fellowship together. It also makes a good individual read or study.

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