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Black Presence In The Bible & The Table of Nations

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So many people are unaware that people of African descent played such a central role in the development of the biblical story. They may have heard of Ham, Ebed-melech, or the Ethiopian eunuch, but that is about all many know. How sad! This resource will open one's eyes to the very pervasive African presence in the Bible when you know how and where to look.

Walter McCray is the co-founder and director of Black Light Fellowship in Chicago, IL. He has done extensive research on the biblical presence, and has lectured on ancient Black and African people and nations.

Beginning with the Table of Nations from Genesis 10 that most people consider boring, Dr. Walter McCray, in a well-researched study, makes the genealogy come alive as he traces the Black presence throughout the biblical narrative. He shows how descendants of Noah's second son, Ham, can be found all though the biblical records as Hamites, Cushites, Egyptians, Cretans, Putites, Canaanites, and many others.

Pastors, small group Leaders, teachers, individuals, midweek Bible studies.

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