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A Messed Up Ride Or A Dressed Up Walk

A Messed Up Ride Or A Dressed Up Walk

Product Code:06-9001

A Messed-Up Ride or a Dressed-Up Walk
The Autobiography of Jerald January, Sr. (with Steve Wamberg)

Born in inner-city Detroit in 1956 at the beginning of the Civil Rights movement, Jerald January was a firsthand witness to the complicated process of social change. From his boyhood in a violent urban neighborhood to his calling to be a minister, January recounts his experiences with issues such as gang violence, school integration, discrimination, class distinction, and racial prejudice.

Rev. January discusses his own journey of faith and finding his calling to serve God in the midst of these struggles. His inspirational life story will touch your heart and encourage you to reflect on your own ways of dealing with life’s difficult circumstances. A Messed-Up Ride or a Dressed-up Walk will help you think deeper about getting where you need to be at the time God has appointed for you. 


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