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Falling In Love With God

Product Code:10-6302

Falling in Love with God: Reflections on Prayer

By J. Alfred Smith, Sr., D.Min.

Why do we pray? Prayer is often a small part of the ritual of worship in the local church. Many church members depend on clergy and select laypersons to serve as their chaplains except when a crisis forces them to cry for mercy and help. What if we saw prayer differently? Especially in the African-American church heritage, prayer can be a vital force of worship that enables us to see God’s goodness in the midst of our struggles.

Pastor J. Alfred Smith, Sr., enables readers to develop a prayerful lifestyle of daily walking with God in all aspects of their busy lives. Church leaders and members alike can move away from a prayer ritual and “spiritual burnout” into a living and loving relationship with God. Through prayer, we draw closer to God, who gives us hope that our lives can change for the better.

Table of Contents

1. Personal Spiritual Development
2. Discovery of Life
3. The Prayers of the Desperate
4. Prayerfully Communicating the Good News
5. Prayers for Angry People
6. A Prayer that is Greater than Great
7. Prayers for Better Times
8. The Prayer Tradition of Black People
9. How Far Will Your Prayers Take You?
10. Prayer for the Rewriting of Black History
11. Success and Failure in Prayer
12. Learning to Talk to God

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