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Total College Solution DVD

Total College Solution DVD

Product Code:6-0839

The Complete Guide to College Financing & Admissions

This award-winning and proven effective interactive program takes the guesswork out of the college process (with a special emphasis on Scholarships); taking you by the hand and providing critical information, as well as hundreds of researched web links enabling you to focus on getting into and paying for the college of your choice. Don't make any college-related decision before you use this program!

The Successful Student Guides to the SAT-ACT eBooks

Peer to Peer eBooks with embedded videos featuring practice questions and diagnostic tests for SAT and ACT. The ONLY guide in the nation featuring proven success students, showing you how to get it right. Cutting Edge!

Understanding Athletic Recruiting

This dynamic book will open your eyes and help you navigate the daunting world of college athletics. If you think you have what it takes to be a college athlete (in any sport) you must read this book!

Zero hour Threat 1 and 2

Interactive and award winning action games which combine unimaginalbe real adrenaline-pumping excitement with skill building for math and vocabulary, all designed to help get you the SAT or ACT score you want. You won't believe what you'll absorb...while saving the planet. Proven Successful!

College Options Foundation's Student Planning Guide

A Detailed, month by month planning guide for all college-bound high school students. Takes Out The Guesswork!

My College Options

This proprietary internet-based destination was created exclusively for students to explore, with their parents, counselors or teachers, or on their own, the full range of opportunities after high school - special emphasis on the college process.

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