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Genesis - Issue # 1

Genesis - Issue # 1

Product Code:12-153-01

Genesis 5, Issue #1

When Walter, an unassuming cab driver, picks up a late-night fare in the notorious Hell’s Gate district, he has no idea what he’s getting himself into. As Walter tries to talk a gang of thugs out of hurting a boy named Aaron, a mysterious stranger shows up to give him an assignment from God. The next thing Walter knows, he’s entertaining the heavenly host when a team of five angels moves into his apartment. Could this day get any stranger?

The Guardian Line is a series of four interconnected comic book titles: Code, Genesis 5, Joe and Max, and The Seekers. Combining the high production values of mainstream graphic novels with Christian themes and a biblical moral center, The Guardian Line presents an action-packed narrative in an overlapping universe where ordinary people find themselves in a war between the forces of God and the devil’s emissary, Steven Dark. Join the thousands of students and teachers who find excitement and spiritual truth in The Guardian Line.

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