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God's Vision Or Television

Product Code:6-5610B

How much time do you spend watching TV? How does it affect you? Can television subtly alter what you believe or change the way you look at reality? Although we may see TV as a harmless source of entertainment, information, or even religious programming, we still need to consider the messages the medium is sending. Carl Jeffrey Wright explores these issues, comparing facts about television’s influence with the Bible’s words about the outlook God wants us to have on life. Without being reactionary or alarmist, Wright raises concerns about the effects TV programming may be having on your life and faith. Is your world-view shaped more by looking at God’s Word or by looking at the television?
 Table of Contents:
  1. Is What You See Really What You Get?
  2. God’s Promises and TV’s Promises
  3. Miracles and Ministry
  4. Salvation and Love
  5. Christianity and Food
  6. Violence and God’s Protection
  7. Hip-Hop and Sin
  8. Life After Death
  9. God’s People at Worship
  10. The World of Reality

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