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Joe And Max - Issue # 2

Joe And Max - Issue # 2

Product Code:12-151-02

Joe and Max, Issue #2

Joe, his mom, and his sister move to a new neighborhood, and Steven Dark plots his next move. Joe may think the biggest problem he has to deal with is the school bully, but there are bigger and more powerful enemies at work—the kind of enemies that will make Joe glad he has a guardian angel. When an army of assassins in black suits show up at Joe’s house, it will take all of Max’s strength to keep Joe safe.

The Guardian Line is a series of four interconnected comic book titles: Code, Genesis 5, Joe and Max, and The Seekers. Combining the high production values of mainstream graphic novels with Christian themes and a biblical moral center, The Guardian Line presents an action-packed narrative in an overlapping universe where ordinary people find themselves in a war between the forces of God and the devil’s emissary, Steven Dark. Join the thousands of students and teachers who find excitement and spiritual truth in The Guardian Line.

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