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Precepts For Living Study Guide

Product Code:1-2218

An outstanding companion to the Precepts For Living annual commentary, this Personal Study Guide will help you better understand each week's lesson and remember what you have learned. Through fill-in-the-blank questions, exercises that review key points of each lesson, and opportunities for personal reflection and application, the Study Guide offers a meaningful review of each week's Precepts For Living Bible study.

This hands-on learning tool will help you:

  • Recall and reinforce what you've learned from the Scriptures you just studied

  • Clarify your understanding of what those verses teach

  • Discover what God is saying to you personally through the week's lesson

  • Apply that Bible truth to your relationships, your work, and your everyday life

    How to use this guide: First, read and study the lesson for the week in the Precepts For Living annual commentary. Then find the pages for that week in the Study Guide and answer each question. You can find out how well you did by checking the answer key in the back of the book.

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