Walk In The Light

Item Number: 6-0523

Adult Student Book

Good works, character development, and moral excellence are at the heart of a Christian worldview when it comes to our purpose in the world. Walk in the Light: Transforming the World Through Your Work showcases the lives of ten characters in the Bible who serve as examples of good works and moral excellence while being the light in their particular situation. Buy learning about these characters’, students will be inspired and equipped to be the light wherever God has placed them.

 Adult Leader’s Guide

Effectively teach and facilitate meaningful discussion in your classroom or group. Includes lesson focus, key scripture verses, time management recommendations, teaching tips, and more.

 Adult Student Workbook

Provide each student with the opportunity to test their understanding, review key truths, and consider how they can shine brightly for Jesus.

Adult Leader’s Kit

Great value! Get the complete adult kit with student book, leader's guide, and student workbook at a discounted price.

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6-0523 Student Each
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6-0562 Workbook Each
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6-0553 Leader's Kit Each
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