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Vacation Bible School


Jesus, The Kingdom Builder: Strong Families, Churches & Communities

For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God. (Hebrews 11:10)


Our cities need rebuilding! There is work to do to fortify the African-American community. The UMI 2018 VBS continues the theme of Vocational Theology, emphasizing practical application gleaned from historical models of freemen who built towns throughout the United States. This example inspires and challenges churches to continue to rebuild our cities and communities.

 Biblical Presupposition

We begin with a renewed commitment to godly values. Jesus is the ultimate builder, building on Spiritual Strategy. Following Old Testament guidelines for community building strengthens our hearts and hands to reclaim territory, eliminate apathy, illiteracy, joblessness, poverty, and homelessness. The good news is—this task is God’s mandate, demonstrated by the principles set forth in the Old Testament. This principle is also reinforced by Jesus’ own words in Matthew 7:24-27.

 Black History Focus

Examples abound from the historical roots of Black History when former slaves built towns in the 1800s during Reconstruction. Towns were built around the main structure, the church, which became the center. Homes and businesses were then constructed. Today, churches continue the work of rebuilding their communities through Community Development Corporations. Examples are Pastor Floyd Flake (New York), Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell (Houston), Bishop Charles Blake (Los Angeles), Dr. John Perkins (Pasadena).

 The Experience

Children will experience rebuilding with various craft kits. Older children will build digital towns and learn through various games similar to Sim City, Monopoly and more. The adult curriculum will include information highlighting black towns. All will learn the connection between family business, community, and government.

 Application Principle

Individuals have little impact when working alone. But when gifts are combined through communication, collaboration, and cooperation, we can really make a difference… together. God gives us gifts and talents to employ not just for our own success, but also for the success of our community—one that is whole and thrives—one that begins with family.

 Why Churches Choose UMI

  • Perfect for VBS, Summer Camp or Community Outreach

  • 10 complete lessons—use for a 5-day or 10-day program

  • Age-graded curriculum for preschool through adult

  • Flexible curriculum for classroom or rotation-based program

  • Adaptable for children’s church, after-school programs, holidays and special events

  • Easy-to-do activities and crafts for every age level

  • A wealth of teaching and student resources to customize your program

  • Convenient digital/downloadable resources also available




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