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What's Your Passion - KOTK (1 BK)

What's Your Passion - KOTK (1 BK)

Product Code:11-152-43

Vol. 1, No. 3 -- "What Is Your Passion?"

It's Passion's first year in high school, but she already has a reputation as "The Jesus Girl." When she catches the eye of handsome 11th-grader Alonzo, some of his friends cringe at the thought of him becoming a "Jesus Boy." Their threats put Passion in danger, but what if the Kidz of the King don't come to her rescue? This issue includes a bonus adventure, "Stop the Anger, Drop the Violence, and Roll!"

Character Focus: Standing up for your faith

Scriptures: Luke 22:39-43, Romans 12:18

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  • Christian Comics : Kidz of the King
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