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Let the World See You: How to Be Real in a World Full of Fakes (Hardcover)

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NFL linebacker, speaker, podcaster, and humanitarian Sam Acho gives a blueprint for taking off our masks and living lives of genuine authenticity.

No one else has what you have. No one else can share what you share. Let the World See You is a blueprint for learning how to be yourself and living a life of genuine authenticity from NFL linebacker, speaker, podcaster, and humanitarian Sam Acho.

In Let the World See You, Sam Acho helps you break free from society’s perceived limits and embrace the freedom of living as the genuine you. By sharing lessons and interactions with others throughout his life, Acho reveals how you can overcome your fears and discover the freedom of living as the genuine you.

Many of us hide in our everyday lives. We put on masks, we play small—and we don't live up to our full potential. Sam Acho was one of those people. After years of hiding behind the “tough-guy” footballer persona, the Sam he had become to the world had no connection to the true Sam he knew himself to be. It was only when he lost a friend and mentor that he realized he was doing it all wrong. Like many of us do when we try to be someone we’re not, Acho was ignoring the unique gifts, talents, and personality he truly possessed while trying to be what the world wanted him to be.

While sharing personal stories, entertaining anecdotes, and hard-learned lessons, Let the World See You will encourage you to:

• Identify the nature of your fears

• Discover how to take off the masks that hide who you are

• Learn to lean on the God who knows you, names you, and loves you

You don’t have to hide. There is another way of living. Let the world see you. Your quirks, your passions, and your inner desires were not given to you by accident. The world needs your gifts.