Direction Large Print Mar Qtr 2024
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Direction Large Print Mar Qtr 2024

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    Direction® (Ages 25+)

    Student Large Print

    Direction Student Large Print manual is designed in a more convenient, 14-point sized format. Direction Student Large Print features 13 weekly lessons with Scripture passages, memory verses, and thought-provoking questions for class discussions, and suggestions to incorporate Bible truth into the lives of African American adults ages 36 and up.

    About Direction® :

    In the clutter and busyness of day-to-day life, it’s often hard to find time to study God’s Word. Direction® helps urban adults cut through the clutter to focus on their relationships with Jesus Christ. Based on UMI’s Precepts for Living® commentary,  Direction® encourages in-depth reading, studying, and application of the Bible for continued spiritual growth.

    In 13 weekly lessons, each quarterly issue of Direction® includes:

    • "QR Codes" next to the In Focus stories each week. The codes will lead you to additional content, including videos of our In Focus stories.
    • “Background,” showing the week’s Scripture passage and how it relates to the broader context of the Bible.
    • “The People, Places, and Times,” giving historical context about life in Bible times and why it matters to us.
    • “Keep in Mind” verses to commit to memory, putting God’s Word in your heart.
    • “At-A-Glance” and “Overview” of the Scripture passage, identifying key sections and outlines.
    • “In Depth” expositions of every week’s Scripture passage, giving insight into the topics, issues, and meaning of God’s Word.
    • “Search the Scriptures” and “Discuss the Meaning” questions to stimulate exploration of the Bible and the issues of the lesson.
    • “Application for Activation” with an application of the Scripture passage to present-day urban social concerns.
    • “More Light on the Text” with in-depth exegesis by Bible scholars, exploring the passage’s themes with Greek and Hebrew word studies.
    • “Daily Bible Readings” for devotions throughout the week. .
    • African American heritage focus, featuring African and African American leaders who used their God-given gifts and talents to help their communities.