Inteen Student Magazine Mar Qtr 2024
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Inteen Student Magazine Mar Qtr 2024

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    Inteen (ages 15-17)

    Urban teenagers need wisdom and guidance from the Bible to make intelligent, independent choices while following Jesus. They’re becoming more independent, finding their own personalities and interests, but still facing challenging issues and significant life decisions. More than ever, they need to know God’s Word for themselves to help them depend on the Lord to navigate the twists and turns of life.

    Inteen® presents God’s Word in a relevant, contemporary magazine with meaningful lessons and challenging applications, including articles and poems written by teens. Each quarterly book has 13 weekly lessons from Scripture and contemporary features to connect the Bible to life. Every issue includes:

    • True-to-life, relevant stories that show how biblical truth relates to the challenges urban teens face.
    • NIV Scripture text for easy reference in Bible study.
    • “Scripture Discussion” with commentary for thought-provoking interpretation.
    • “Think It” questions to spark discussion about the lessons’ themes.
    • “Do It” activities to practically apply Bible truths to life.
    • “Keep It” verses of Scripture to commit to memory.
    • “Thematic Poem,” putting the quarter’s theme in verse form.
    • “Spotlight on Inteen Reader,” featuring a profile of an exceptional student.
    • “Dear Inteen,” answering readers’ questions with biblical advice.
    • “In My Opinion,” written by an Inteen® reader on relevant seasonal and thematic issues.