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Inteen Teacher Manual June Qtr 2024

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Inteen (ages 15-17)

Urban teenagers need wisdom and guidance from the Bible to make intelligent, independent choices while following Jesus. They’re becoming more independent, finding their own personalities and interests, but still facing challenging issues and significant life decisions. More than ever, they need to know God’s Word for themselves to help them depend on the Lord to navigate the twists and turns of life.

Inteen® Teacher Guide helps instructors understand the emotional and spiritual needs of the youths (ages 15–17) of today’s culture. The guide covers all 13 lessons and provides in-depth instruction and background information from the Precepts for Living® commentary.

  • God’s Word is presented in interesting ways—book reviews, real life stories, and thoughtful articles show teens how they can relate to Bible truths.
  • Teens are given ways to demonstrate that they understand the Bible principles presented.
  • The teaching process is divided into easily manageable segments that make teaching a joy.
  • Teachers get specific suggestions that challenge and encourage their students.


  • Open the Lesson: Engages the students and gets them thinking about the lesson’s themes
  • Present the Scriptures: Combines aspects of the modern story and Bible passage to give more in-depth analysis of the lesson
  • Worship Guide: Pairs hymns with the Scripture reading and lesson themes to broaden the class’s worship experience
  • From the Student Magazine: Allows teachers to follow along with their students as they interact with the lesson materials
  • In Depth: Helps the teacher understand the lesson on a more mature, personal level, beyond what they need to know to teach it to the teens