Primary Street Teacher Mar Qtr 2024
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Primary Street Teacher Mar Qtr 2024

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    Primary Street® (Ages 6-8)

    Primary Street® Teacher provides instructors with Bible background information and an outline for lesson objectives that includes knowledge, attitude, and action aims. The Primary Street® Teacher’s Guide helps leaders prepare an active lesson plan to guide children (ages 6–8) toward Christ-centered thinking.

    • Scripture stories are presented in easy-to-read language.
    • Children discover exciting ways to make Jesus part of their own lives.
    • Teachers get step-by-step plans that make teaching easy (even for last-minute substitutes).

    As young children grow and advance in early school grades, new lessons and experiences are revealed to them every day. They’re taking the first steps on the journey towards such major achievements as reading, writing, and following Jesus.

    This is a vital period in a child’s development, and the lessons they learn now will form the foundation of their later lives. In particular, children in this age group are developing a firmer grasp of the difference between right and wrong. This motivates them toward spiritual growth and helps them realize their need of the Savior. Children in this age group are generally eager to please, so they typically respond well to positive reinforcement and encouragement from their parents and teachers.


    • Focus Activity: Engages children in a fun activity that introduces the lesson’s theme
    • Life Application Story: Provides questions to ask as the children read the modern story designed for their reading level
    • Bible Story: Lets children participate in reading aloud an age-appropriate summary of the actual Scripture verses
    • Next Steps for Application: Acts as an answer key to the students’ fun activities, one reinforcing the Scripture lesson, the other focusing on everyday application
    • Worship Time: Pairs songs with the Scripture reading and lesson themes to broaden the class’ worship experience
    • In Depth: Helps the teacher understand the lesson on a more mature, personal level, beyond what they need to know to teach it to the children
    • Daily Bible Readings: Guides Scripture reading throughout the week to support quarterly topics and principles