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Urban Faith Leader June Qtr 2024

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UrbanFaith (Ages 18-24)

As young adults begin life on their own, they’ll experience everything from college years, singleness, relationships, and newly married life to child rearing and changes in their career path. God’s Word in the Bible gives guidance and wisdom, showing us that we can depend on God to help us figure out life. 

UMI's publication for young adults (ages 18–34), Urban Faith® Leader features 13 lesson plans presented in a contemporary magazine-style format. A Bible study guide, background information, and entertaining articles help leaders address the realities of young African American Bible students searching for a higher level of spiritual development. Based on UMI’s Precepts for Living® commentary, it features contemporary stories, thought-provoking discussions, and relevant themes to point young adults to Jesus. 

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  • Relevant Content
  • Engaging and Entertaining Articles
  • Visually Stimulating Artwork Bringing Stories to Life


  • Get Them Going: Opens honest discussion about topics relating to the lesson
  • Intro Story: Gives a modern perspective from which the lesson can be viewed
  • The Big Picture: Helps identify key themes in the lesson and relates them to modern-day situations
  • Combing Through: Offers more insight into the Bible study verses by analyzing the interpretation and theology of the passage
  • Diving Deeper Quiz: Helps ascertain whether the students understood the basic information of the lesson
  • Put It Out There: Engages students in group and personal application of the Christian principles they just learned
  • Next Steps: Invokes discussion about the Bible and lesson principles and requires that the student dive deeper into Scriptures and life experiences
  • Say Word: Helps with pronunciation of difficult words