JAM Student Magazine Mar Qtr 2024
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JAM Student Magazine Mar Qtr 2024

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    J.A.M. Jesus And Me® (Ages 12-14)

    Preteens and adolescents are facing many life changes—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. As they become less dependent on their parents, they become even more influenced by their peer group. They need to learn to deal with peer pressure while struggling to finding their own identity. While students grow toward the challenging teen years, sound biblical instruction is more necessary than ever to help them resist the pull of the world, the flesh, and the devil.

    J.A.M. Jesus And Me® is designed to inspire and motivate urban preteens and adolescents with challenging applications of biblical truths to their everyday lives. In an attractive full-color magazine format, 13 weekly lessons present contemporary stories, Bible study, activities, and positive real-life advice. Every issue includes:

    • An age-appropriate “Reality Check” story to show the theme of the Scripture lesson in a realistic situation.
    • NIV Scripture text for each lesson—“Word”—for ease of use in Bible study.
    • “Got It!” activities with interactive, group-oriented challenges to reinforce Biblical truths.
    • “Jam on It” applications with practical assignments to participate in implementing lessons during the week.
    • “JAM Jr. Editors” featuring articles written and edited by junior high students.
    • “Lit Picks” with book and movie reviews for junior high audiences.
    • “Gospel JAMs” interviews with gospel music artists.
    • “JAM ’n’ Bread” column with useful information on personal finance, economics, and future careers.
    • “Locker Room” feature highlighting Christian athletes, profiling a variety of sports, and helping balance dreams and reality.