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What Every Man of Color Should Know About Jesus

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Whether you are learning about Jesus for the first time, or you need to be reminded of the importance of your relationship with Christ, you will find this little book extremely valuable.

Churches and individuals can use it as an effective teaching tool to help all men (especially men of color) realize the need for having a closer walk with Jesus and the logic behind increased fellowship amongst men's Bible study groups.

Written by Melvin Banks Sr., -  Founder of UMI (Urban Ministries, Inc.) What Every Man of Color Should Know about Jesus points out how "Jesus unmasked hypocrites, clarified man's main duty here on Earth and identified character traits that lead to success. Also included are other intriguing topics such as data on the fact that Jesus was born in Africa. Pick a copy of this exciting little book today and give not to a man or a growing boy who yearns to know more about Jesus.

This handy little book is a great evangelism tool and uncovers hidden truths and interesting facts about the life of Jesus that every Man of Color will appreciate.

This book makes a great evangelical tool. Whether incarcerated, highs chool/college student, or business man, this book inspires African American men where they are right now!