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Children Choir Cirriculum -Set (With Song Book)

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Get children excited about worshipping through music! CD contains 13 timeless spirituals and traditional songs: Go Down, Moses; This Little Light of Mine; Thank You, Lord; I'm In The Lord's Army; He's Got The Whole World In His Hands; Let Us Break Bread Together; He Is King Of Kings; Little David, Play On Your Harp; Were You There?; Go Tell It On The Mountain; I Want Jesus To Walk With Me; Standin' In The Need Of Prayer; Every Time I Feel The Spirit.

The Children's Choir Curriculum: Spirituals and Traditional Songs is the premier teaching tool for children of the African American Church. Each lesson includes a music lesson that introduces music notation (note reading), a workbook sheet that reinforces music reading and notation skills, a biblical component that features both an exciting Bible story that goes with the music and a workbook sheet, and a historical component that elaborates on the heritage and legacy of the music.

This curriculum encompasses biblically sound material that is suitable for all learning styles. The musical notation and workbook pages are excellent for visual learning and development, while the accompanying CD develops the listening skills of the students. For kinesthetic (body movement) learners, the curriculum has included movements for certain songs and clapping exercises in the music lessons to enhance music reading skills.

The musical selections are spirituals and other traditional folk songs of the Black church, which have been specifically chosen and arranged for children's voices. The spiritual is a form of religious folk song birthed from the heart of the afflicted and suffering people who were enslaved in America. These songs were based upon the Bible and theological themes of freedom, hope, justice, God's grace, and salvation. The musical selections include a blend of rhythmic, melodic excerpts based on the original spirituals and religious folk songs of the Black church. The musical accompaniment arrangements are influenced by African drumming and polyrhythms. Joshua Head, the music arranger and writer of the music education components, includes movement, clapping, drumming, dancing, and singing all at the same time to reflect the way the songs were originally sung.

Overall, The Children's Choir Curriculum: Spirituals and Traditional Songs is the first of its kind. Teachers of all denominations can use the biblical lessons in their music rehearsals to reinforce the meaning of the songs. Some children who sing in the choir do not attend Sunday School, so this may be the only biblical teaching that they receive on their level.

The historical component of each lesson will enhance the students' understanding while reinforcing the esteem of the children as they learn of the musical accomplishments of Black people in spite ofliving under the yoke of slavery. The music notation exercises will teach note reading and writing skills, and the children will be excited and involved in each song through movements, vocal development, and musical exercises. Every church will be delighted to witness the exceptional presentation of spiritual songs with movements and singing from the children of the church. The combination of music education, biblical teachings, and Black musical heritage makes this curriculum the premier instructional tool for children ofthe 21st century