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Women of the Bible for Women of Color

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Realistically speaking, women of the Bible are women of color!

So immerse yourself into the life of the women of that day and see how your life intersects theirs. You will discover new lessons from each woman that will help you to be stronger and more steadfast in your own circumstances.

Even in their own culture women were often overlooked and slighted for their contributions, but the Scriptures found these women and the roles they played an important part in the telling of God s story.

Check out their successes and failures. Study the lives of the women of the Bible and learn the important truths that God wants us to grasp. Take a look at their tough decisions, their trials and tribulations. Affirm these bold women whose struggles to live with faith and courage are not unlike your own.

Use this modern guide to enhance your Bible classes, to add life to your personal Bible study, or to make your commute to work or lunch break more fulfilling.

These stories, the prayers and unique insights are all specifically designed to give Women of Color of today, inspiration, encouragement and the power needed to persevere through difficult times and to rest in the joy and hope that knowing Jesus provides.

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